May 23, 2024

Biography Of Solo Makinde

Solo Makinde, born on December 25, 1967, in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, demonstrated an early interest in science and technology. Raised in a region known for its agricultural resources, he developed a passion for addressing the challenges faced by farmers in crop preservation. This led him to pursue studies in biotechnology and food science, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.


Venturing into entrepreneurship, Makinde established a small consulting firm to provide expert advice to local farmers and agricultural businesses. This initial experience granted him valuable insights into industry dynamics, paving the way for his entry into the biotechnology sector.

In 2015, Makinde founded Myco Techs, a biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing the food and agriculture sector. Through innovations like MycoSmooth, a natural solution for post-harvest disease prevention, he propelled Myco Techs to prominence. Under his leadership, the company forged partnerships with farmers and organizations, championing sustainable practices and reducing reliance on harmful chemicals.

Personal Life

Solo Makinde, now 56, is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an advocate for education and sustainable development in Africa. He believes in empowering the youth through scholarships and mentorship programs to foster a prosperous continent.

State of Origin/Nationality

Solo Makinde hails from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, proudly representing his Nigerian roots.


Makinde’s educational journey reflects his commitment to his chosen fields—biotechnology and food science. His academic background laid the groundwork for his impactful contributions to the agricultural sector.


While details about Solo Makinde’s family are limited, his nephew Seyi Makinde, mentioned in the biography, is the governor of Oyo State.

Net Worth

Although specific figures are unavailable, Solo Makinde’s success as the founder and CEO of Myco Techs suggests a notable financial standing. His contributions to the biotech industry and sustainable agriculture likely contribute to his financial success.


The biography doesn’t provide information about Solo Makinde’s religious beliefs.

Social Media

Unfortunately, specific details about Solo Makinde’s presence on social media platforms are not mentioned.


Solo Makinde’s journey from his early life in Nigeria to founding and leading Myco Techs showcases a remarkable fusion of passion, innovation, and dedication to sustainable practices. His impact on the agriculture industry, as well as his commitment to education, positions him as a visionary leader shaping the future of biotechnology and food security. As he continues to lead Myco Techs, Solo Makinde remains dedicated to pioneering eco-friendly farming practices and taking the agriculture industry to new heights.

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