May 23, 2024

Early Life and Education:

Dennis Idahosa was born on November 8, 1980, into a well-cultured family in Iguobazuwa, Ovia South West Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ovia, where his passion for community service began to emerge.

In 1998, immediately after secondary school, Dennis left Nigeria to pursue higher education in Canada. He initially studied sociology for his first degree and later transitioned into real estate, eventually establishing his successful company, Eagle Denco. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Legislative Studies in Nigeria, Dennis Idahosa’s academic journey reflects his commitment to continuous learning.


Dennis Idahosa embarked on his career as a real estate developer in Canada, founding Eagle Denco, a company engaged in construction, mining, and real estate. His success in Canada allowed him to employ numerous youths, showcasing his commitment to youth empowerment.

Returning to Nigeria in 2012, he responded to the call of then Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, who convinced him to contribute to the state’s development. Appointed as the Commissioner for Investment, Public and Private Partnership, Dennis became the youngest commissioner in Edo State at the time. True to his philanthropic spirit, he donated his entire commissioner salary to the people of Ovia South West Constituency and employed local youths in his company.

In 2019, driven by a desire to create more positive impact, Dennis contested and won the House of Representatives seat for Ovia South-West/North-East Federal Constituency under the All Progressives Congress (APC). Currently, he serves as the Chairman of the House Committee on Healthcare Services.

Personal Life:

Happily married, Dennis Idahosa’s family life is blessed with three lovely children. His commitment to family values mirrors his dedication to community service.

State Of Origin/Nationality:

Dennis Idahosa hails from Iguobazuwa, Ovia South West Local Government Area, Edo State, Nigeria, showcasing a deep connection to his roots.


Having completed his primary and secondary education in Nigeria, Dennis pursued higher education in Canada, earning a degree in sociology and venturing into real estate. Currently pursuing a master’s degree in Legislative Studies, he combines practical experience with academic knowledge.


Dennis Idahosa’s commitment to family values is evident in his happy marriage and the nurturing of three children. His family serves as a foundation for his dedication to community development.

Net Worth:

As of 2024, Dennis Idahosa boasts an estimated net worth of $200,000, a testament to his success as a businessman and politician.

Social Media:

Engaging with constituents and the public, Dennis Idahosa actively utilizes social media platforms to share updates on his legislative activities, community initiatives, and insights into his personal and professional life.


Dennis Idahosa’s journey from a young Nigerian leaving for Canada to a successful businessman, politician, and advocate for youth empowerment exemplifies his dedication to community service. His multifaceted career, philanthropy, and commitment to family underscore a well-rounded individual contributing significantly to the development of Ovia South-West/North-East Federal Constituency and Edo State at large.

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